Guidelines to apply for Certificates

An application addressed to the Medical Superintendent, IPHB stating name of the patients registered, hospital number and the purpose of such certificate has to be mentioned by the patient/guardian. The purpose of certificates can be multiple such as tax benefits, financial assistance, I. Q. certificates for admission in special school, seeking fitness certificates, Medical Report of patients etc.

Certificates issued:

  • I.Q. Certificates
  • Appendix IV (form for the purpose of grant to slow learners/ learning disabled/ autistic children)
  • Appendix II (form for the purpose of grant to Mentally Challenged person)
  • Certificate for person with Mental Illness Disability
  • Certificate of Mental Retardation for Government benefits
  • Concession Certificate (Mentally retarded person who cannot travel without an escort)
  • Certificate for person with Autism
  • Sickness & Fitness certificates

Certificates provided to the public and their time limit is as under:-

• Medical certificate of sickness & fitnessWithin 24 hours
• Medical report
• Certificate for Insurance purpose
• Certificate for Income tax, purpose etc.
• I.Q certificate (small)
• Appendix – IV certificate
• Railway Concession certificate
• Autism Certificate
Within 2 Weeks after completion of assessment
• Appendix – II certificate
• Mental Retardation
Within 2-4 weeks after completion of Psychological test
• Death CertificateImmediately

Most of the certificates are issued free of cost, however some may be charged as per notification issued by the government from time to time.